The Carriage Still

The Carriage Still

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This book describes the construction of an elegant top-of-the-line fractionating still for amateurs. It was created by a research scientist who has been designing and constructing stills for over 17 years, and should be read by any hobbyist who likes to have the very best. As will be seen from the book cover, the still is mounted in a cabinet which holds the boiler. The top of this cabinet supports the column, the collection bottle, a digital thermometer (if used) and the distiller’s notebook. Everything can be made by the average handyman with the exception of the glass still-head and stream-splitter which requires the services of a professional glassblower. The still can deliver at least 11 to 12 litres of ultra pure vodka per batch, using ordinary cane sugar as substrate. Spirits such as whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, schnapps and liqueurs can also be made using the appropriate starting material.

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